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He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection. - Psalm 91:4 (NLT)


The poor bird didn’t know what hit him. It was just an ordinary morning in our home; we were getting breakfast ready and telling our kids to get dressed for school when a pigeon was knocked out of the sky by a hawk. The pigeon limped around our yard for a few moments, tried to fly several times, but eventually just hobbled over to a corner and seemed to give up all hope. Then, we spotted the perpetrator - the hawk was perched nearby, just waiting to attack again.


We flung the back door open, ran over to the injured bird and told that mean old hawk he’d better pick on someone his own size. Thankfully, the hawk flew away and we were able to nurse the pigeon back to health in the safety of our garage. One night of care and he was good to go.


Kids, I bet you know what it’s like to get knocked down. It can be so hard when friends are mean at school, when you don’t do well on a test, when you don’t make the team, or when you just feel like nothing’s going your way.


Parents, I’m sure you understand what it’s like to fly though your day and suddenly be sideswiped by the messiness of life. Maybe you’ve even been knocked down so hard, all you can do is hobble to a corner and sob.

In these moments, we all need to focus on both the tenderness and strength of God. In His tenderness, God covers us and shelters us, like a hen protects her helpless chicks. When we’re sideswiped and knocked off our feet, the faithful promises of God guard us like the armor of a warrior. By his tenderness, we’re nursed back to health. By his strong and faithful promises, we’re protected from losing hope.


Take a few moments to discuss the promises of God that mean the most to you. In what ways do they make you feel sheltered and protected?


When have you felt God’s tender care?


Pray together:

Lord, thank you for your tender care and faithful promises. Without you, we would certainly lose all hope. Please cover us, shelter us, and protect us.

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