Hi There,


I'm Lauren, a wife, mom of 3, and a Christian writer with a master's degree in biblical exposition. 

I'm dedicated to encouraging women to deepen their faith in Jesus and transform their lives through proper understanding of the Bible. My mission is to help women connect with Jesus and his truth.

I'm committed to:

1. Teaching Scripture Authentically

No AI, just the Word accurately and simply communicated

2. Encourage Transformation Gracefully

No shame, just Holy Spirit inspired growth

3. Fostering Community Joyfully 

you+me+Jesus, together we are the Truth Union 

I prayerfully and expectantly envision a world where more and more women of all ages and backgrounds are falling in love with Jesus. I seek to equip and mobilize women to boldly point others to him with purpose, passion, and authenticity.  

Thanks for checking in!