Hi There,


I'm Lauren, a wife, mom of 3, Christian writer encouraging women to live according to God's Word... and pig decor addict.


My childhood dream was to become a farmer. When I was 9, my parents actually allowed me to get a pet pig. Sweet Pea the piglet joined our family and I was on my way to becoming a real farmer. But it didn’t take long for me to realize owning a pig is messier than I’d anticipated, and my parents didn't exactly enjoy having the shingles eaten off the side of their house either. Perhaps it was more the idea of farming, or “fancy farming”, I was so attracted to.


Now, my love of farms is pretty much contained to the study of agricultural passages in the Bible and the occasional purchase of anything with a pig on it. The great news is, unlike my farming endeavor, biblical application always bears fruit! I love digging into all of scripture and writing about how it impacts everyday life from my not-so-farmy farmhouse on California’s central coast.

In addition to writing and taking care of my family, I am currently pursuing a Master's degree in Biblical Exposition.  


Thanks for checking in! 



Age 9, the day my pet pig arrived. Also the day my mom called a local farm asking if they wanted a pig.


Simple Truth for Fruitful Living:

In the beginning, God was a farmer. Even before making man and woman in his image, he commanded the earth to sprout vegetation. He created plants yielding seeds and trees bearing fruit, and in doing so revealed himself to be a God who nurtures growth on his Earth and in his people. 


But life isn’t as simple as it was on that first farm. Like Adam and Eve, we mess up. Temptation slithers in. Weeds of dissatisfaction pop up. 


Thankfully, God isn’t a “fancy farmer.” He’s not watching from his farmhouse porch swing hoping we live meaningful lives, or concerned about getting his hands dirty. God is involved in the nitty-gritty of our lives. He got dirty and took on our sin so we could be cleansed. He’s constantly working for us and cultivating growth in us. He cares deeply about the condition of our hearts, our connection to him, and the fruitfulness of our lives. He truly is the Good Farmer and when we apply his Word, he will reap a harvest in and through us.